Sapient Project for Carnival

The concept of this activation was to celebrate 4th of July with the Marines stationed at the Miramar Air Station in San Diego California. To do this we would create a “Socially powered BBQ”. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook & Instagram people would send their thank you’s to the web via the #thankyouburger hashtag.

Laser test
Laser etching test buns

The data would be scraped and then put into queue to be laser etched onto hamburger buns and given to the Marines at the BBQ on the base.

Originally I was brought in on this project to help provide support on the laser etching of the hamburger since I’ve worked with machines like this back in my sign making days. It afforded me the opportunity to travel to Golden Colorado twice in 2 weeks to visit the laser company, Epilog Laser. I’ve never been to Colorado so that was a treat also Voodoo Donuts are amazing!

Lots of buns

During my time there I was able to capture some behind the scenes of the prototyping sessions for my eventual analysis of the best buns to use, Wonder Bread Classic Hamburger Bun was the winner btw.

With the buns selected and the laser details dialed in I started prepping to fly out and shoot B-Roll in San Diego before the event. Three days before I was to leave I was told that another experience was being added to the event. I was asked to come up with a way to take pictures of each Marine with bun and send the photos to the Miami team so they could match the Marine to the person on the bun they were holding. Then re-tweet, re-gram or reply on facebook to the original poster with the photo of the Marine. Yes it was crazy.

I set up two stations each with a laptop with Lightroom & Dropbox installed, 15′ usb cable, Canon 5Dmkiii with a 24-70mm f/2.8 & a Verizon hot spot. The solution that I came up with was to use Lightroom’s tether capture and point all captures to a Dropbox folder that the Miami team had access to. This would allow me to shoot photos and have whatever I captured automatically upload to Dropbox.

Since we were relying on a hot spot in the middle of an air force base with little to no cellular coverage I had to drop the photo quality to medium jpg and the creative team wanted all the photos in 1×1 crop. So I had to use live view in order to capture the actual crop in camera to reduce another step once the photos were synced via Dropbox back to Miami. Once the photos synced the Miami team tagged the appropriate person and moved the images into an Amazon S3 container so they could be an actual live url for sharing across social media.

Buns up
Show me your bun.

It was a pretty amazing experience. I was taking pics and with in a few mins the original posters were getting responses back! I lost count of how many Marines I asked to show me there buns.


Drip tests

Sapient Project for PMG

This experience was something very different. The ask was to find a way to make art on a piece of paper by dripping wine on it.

Drip test
Drip test with water repellent aerosol spray.

We setup multiple tests with different types of wine to see what kind of results we’d get.

Drip test
Drip tests chart using wine.

After multiple prototyping sessions the solution was to have hydrophobic ink printed on the paper and use a mixture of wine and gouache to make different colors. This allowed the user to create one of a kind art by simply dripping the mixture on the paper.

Gouache mixtures
Various gouache mixtures for testing.

Another element to the experience was a “virtual tour” via a custom VR headset that we built in Unity for the Android platform. We used multiple Nexus 6 phones since that was the largest screen available at the time.

The Real Deal SOBE WFF

Echo Brickell

Sapient Project for PMG

The concept was an Immersion Room “Lite” by way of condensing the table into an iPad.

Echo App
Echo iPad Application

Since PMG already had 15 screens and a 9ft illuminated model available we worked with those items to come up with the widescreen display wall on a 90° corner and a projection mapped model that reacts to the application.

One of my roles was to create the UX for the application. After multiple sketches I moved into prototyping how the application could function.

Prototype Application

With the prototype complete I began testing projection mapping for the building model. Based on the selected floor the projector would highlight the appropriate area of the model.

Projector mounted inside the alcove above the model.

The floors were set into groups such as Upper & Lower Penthouse, Upper & Lower Residence etc. The highlight would adjust to the group and then once a floor was selected the highlight would narrow to select just that floor.

Lower Penthouse
Selected floor grouping, Lower Penthouse



Ritz-Carlton Residences

Sapient Project for Fortune International

After my experience with Fisher Island I was involved with the creation of another Immersion Room. This one was for Fortune International Realty’s new property, The Ritz-Carlton Residences at Sunny Isles. The project was very similar in the sense that it had a touch table and walls of screens. The difference here is that only 3 walls were used.

Touch Table
Ritz-Carlton Table

For this experience Unity was swapped out for HTML and the whole application was built in Chrome. This allowed a more lightweight development platform and we were able to scale much faster. I was tasked with creating wireframes of the interactions for the table and the table UX overall.


I worked closely with the dev and creative team to ensure that there was clarity across the experience. Everyone involved got their hands in the git repo and we were all modifying content. It was a thing of beauty!

Once the wireframes were complete I began prototyping the various types of content that were needed for the table and screen. I was manipulating video and photos to ensure that the right compression schemes would work across the 4k monitors with little to no artifacts.

The Butler Button
With the fiducial down the user can interact with the screen elements


Another twist to this Immersion Room was the special “Butler Button” that was incorporated to the functionality. Since The Ritz-Carlton is renowned for it’s impeccable service, we created a dedicated fiducial to allow the broker to send requests to the on site butler straight from the table. Moments later the butler would show up with the requested items.

Palazzo del Sol

Immersion Room

Sapient Project for Fisher Island

This was the 1st real estate project that I was involved with. The first task was to wireframe a responsive site and an iPad sales tool.

Website – Mobile
Website – Desktop
iPad Sales App

During the wireframing process I worked closely with the development and creative teams to help “bridge the gap” between the tech and the creative so there was no confusion. This communication helped greatly in producing the assets for the site and applications.

Drone Capture on Fisher Island
Drone capture on Fisher Island

I was also involved in the content capture process to make sure that the images and video were being captured/created correctly since they needed to be used across multiple devices, especially the 4k content for the Immersion Room.

Immersion Room

Once the website and sales app wireframes were approved and development began I shifted my focus to the tech involved in the Immersion Room. The room consists of a touch interactive table in the center of a 4 walled room with a matrix of screens on each wall. Each matrix displays 4k content.

Immersion Room Table
Testing the table

During this process I tested the table with a local emulator and on site via multiple trips to Fisher Island.  I worked closely with the dev team to ensure the proper content was supplied and modified anything that didn’t.

There were plenty of other aspects to the project. It took about a year from concept to completion. Quite an experience!