A collection of photos from various adventures.


Multi Media Maverick …Steve brings the art of intuitive originality and technical savvy to a multitude of creative arenas.

With a discerning eye for detail and impeccable work ethic, Steve blends his passion for photography, painting, and digital know-how to create visual masterpieces for clients and friends alike.

His forte: troubleshooting and disassembling/deconstructing problems in order to resolve, conveys healthy, supportive communication in an effort to avenue seemingly “dead ends”

His approach to life is fresh and progressive. A music aficionado and car enthusiast, Steve works diligently with others to inform, innovate, and evolve.





Sapient Project for Carnival The concept of this activation was to celebrate 4th of July with the Marines stationed at the Miramar Air Station in San Diego California. To do this we would create a “Socially powered BBQ”. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook & Instagram people would send their thank you’s to the web via the …


Sapient Project for PMG This experience was something very different. The ask was to find a way to make art on a piece of paper by dripping wine on it. We setup multiple tests with different types of wine to see what kind of results we’d get. After multiple prototyping sessions the solution was to …

Echo Brickell

Sapient Project for PMG The concept was an Immersion Room “Lite” by way of condensing the table into an iPad. Since PMG already had 15 screens and a 9ft illuminated model available we worked with those items to come up with the widescreen display wall on a 90° corner and a projection mapped model that …


I am available for freelance work.