Palazzo del Sol

Immersion Room

Sapient Project for Fisher Island

This was the 1st real estate project that I was involved with. The first task was to wireframe a responsive site and an iPad sales tool.

Website – Mobile
Website – Desktop
iPad Sales App

During the wireframing process I worked closely with the development and creative teams to help “bridge the gap” between the tech and the creative so there was no confusion. This communication helped greatly in producing the assets for the site and applications.

Drone Capture on Fisher Island
Drone capture on Fisher Island

I was also involved in the content capture process to make sure that the images and video were being captured/created correctly since they needed to be used across multiple devices, especially the 4k content for the Immersion Room.

Immersion Room

Once the website and sales app wireframes were approved and development began I shifted my focus to the tech involved in the Immersion Room. The room consists of a touch interactive table in the center of a 4 walled room with a matrix of screens on each wall. Each matrix displays 4k content.

Immersion Room Table
Testing the table

During this process I tested the table with a local emulator and on site via multiple trips to Fisher Island.  I worked closely with the dev team to ensure the proper content was supplied and modified anything that didn’t.

There were plenty of other aspects to the project. It took about a year from concept to completion. Quite an experience!