Drip tests

Sapient Project for PMG

This experience was something very different. The ask was to find a way to make art on a piece of paper by dripping wine on it.

Drip test
Drip test with water repellent aerosol spray.

We setup multiple tests with different types of wine to see what kind of results we’d get.

Drip test
Drip tests chart using wine.

After multiple prototyping sessions the solution was to have hydrophobic ink printed on the paper and use a mixture of wine and gouache to make different colors. This allowed the user to create one of a kind art by simply dripping the mixture on the paper.

Gouache mixtures
Various gouache mixtures for testing.

Another element to the experience was a “virtual tour” via a custom VR headset that we built in Unity for the Android platform. We used multiple Nexus 6 phones since that was the largest screen available at the time.

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